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Discover new places and get exclusive deals and promotions near you, offered by our partner merchants.

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Discover new places you never explored before.

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Exclusive travel deals to all travelpud members.

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Exclusive discount plus travelpud coin to all travelpud members.

Fun way to
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and things to do

Sometimes the most memorable travel experiences aren’t the ones that you find in your lists, they are just the odd places that you discover when you dig a little deeper into your destination.

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Earn Achievements for your travels & contribution to the Community

We know that travel is already fun and exciting but guess what, we can still spice things up for it to be more fun and more exciting by incorporating gamified augmented reality challenges to reward our members in their real-life social interaction and activities.


What is travelpud

Travelpud is a social media app that aims to build an online community for travel enthusiasts.

What is travelpud coin

travelpud coin is a system-generated virtual coin that the user may get every time they purchase any services or goods in any of the registered merchants.

How to get discount?

Just open your travelpud app and scan the merchant's QR code and enter the total amount of your bill. Discount will automatically be deducted from your bill as approved by our merchant partner.

I am a merchant and what's in it form me if I will join travelpud as a merchant.

Please watch this video to know more about the perks of being a travelpud merchant.

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